Vicki Taylor - 
Fabric Artist and Lace Maker




I am country born and bred. My life is my family, my art and my work on a sheep grazing property in northern NSW. I have played with fabric and yarn since I was very young with my earliest memories being taught to knit by my grandmother. My mother taught me to sew and to draw. She encouraged me to be an artist, firstly as a hobbyist, but later as a professional.


Learning to make bobbin lace in the 1980's became a passion and I am still learning. These days I enjoy mixing all my questionable skills to create art pieces and sculpture by using different textile techniques that range from embroidery to felting to lace making and many other things in between. I love using lots of colour and texture and use any material that can be wound onto a lace bobbin or threaded onto a needle. I usually have great difficulty making things that are small and precise, preferring to go large and spontaneous. More recently I have trialed ‘small’ by making jewellery.


These days I have a wonderful studio space designed by my son and built by a band of untrained but enthusiastic family members. Now that I have the space to spread I can produce large works, hold workshops and store more goodies than I will ever use.


A Brief CV


Since 1982 I have attended workshops in a variety of textile mediums, including bobbin and needle lace workshops. I have also attended many courses from tailoring to rust baths in Australia and overseas and completed UK City and Guild courses in Embroidery and Design, Levels I and II.


I am a committed textile artist using lace as my primary technique exhibiting regularly in Sydney and Armidale. I have also exhibited in Canberra and Melbourne, Geelong and several regional areas in NSW. I was invited to exhibit at the International Contemporary Lace Festival in Vamberk, Czech Republic and at the Artofil Exhibition in Temse in Belgium. Most recently I have collaborated with Jenny Rees to create a large body of work shown at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in 2011.


My newest interest is to inspire and inform by teaching workshops in colour and design and in, what I call, Larrikin Lace. I have been casually teaching from my studio in Kentucky for the last 8 years and am now branching out by teaching school students and lace groups further afield. My skills are being stretched and enhanced with requests from the school girls to help them make rubber tyres, monkeys, flowers, spider webs and snowflakes in bobbin lace. They have little time to learn the basics but fortunately are very quick learners. Again they use heavier threads concentrating on form, texture and colour. Adult lace makers are excited to expand their lace making skills by creating their own designs -  Aussie fashion, and with encouragement, to tweak age old traditions to suit a more contemporary form.

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