November 2013

Vicki enjoyed an inspiring trip to Tasmania when teaching her Larrikin Lace techniques to the Australian Lace Guild Tasmanian Branch. The three days were filled with students busily designing their own pieces of lace whilst simultaneously tackling prepared patterns based on Milanese style bobbin lace. All students completed pieces that were suitable for jewellery and took home their own creations to complete at their leisure.

Milanese lace is recognised by its flowing narrow braids filled with interesting patterns, from simple holes in cloth stitch through to intricate arches and figures of eight. Braids are often begun and finished with scrolls, tight points or simple straight edges. It lends itself to blended colours and textured threads and yarns. Beads, buttons, embroidery stitches etc may be included or added later. Fine jewellery wire plaited or twisted along the edges gives stability and allows the maker the option to shape the piece 3-dimensionally.

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